What does the outcome mean in betting

Betting on the outcome in bookmakers

Even a novice should understand what the outcome of a bet is. This is the most popular format in bookmakers. Once upon a time, players could only bet on the victory of one of the teams or predict a draw. Today, there are more than enough betting options.

What are outcome bets in football?

Any football match can end according to one of three scenarios::

  • The first team wins (P1);
  • The second team wins (P2);
  • Draw (x).

The player bets on one of the possible outcomes. If the bet on the outcome of the match is played, the player wins and receives a reward. If the total is specified incorrectly, the player is considered to have lost, and therefore lost the bet money. In a broad sense, calculating the match results is the main mission of any tipster. Sometimes players can track an attempt to bet on the events of a single match. It is logical to do this in cases where the selected team had a large coefficient, but during the match it fell sharply. So players can get a guaranteed profit.

Often offices offer the outcome of a time interval. If you are offered, for example, the outcome by the fifth minute (5 m), then all the logic described above refers to the time when the scoreboard is 5:00, and not after the final whistle. Such outcomes are called fast events.

Double outcome in bets: what is that?

Double outcome football bets are bets that allow you to meet two outcomes of a particular football match at once. For example, a player can bet on the victory of the first team (P1) or a draw (X).

Double outcomes in ufc betting canada are also called second chances. The bettor, giving preference to this particular format of interaction with bookmakers, tries to somehow insure himself. Here, the strategy of betting on the outcome is also important, as well as the ability to work with the winning odds.

An important caveat: such bets are possible not only in football, but also in many other sports, where at the end of the game only three options for the end of a sports fight can be predicted.

It is also worth noting that bets on the outcome of a match only take into account the result recorded during the main game period. If there was an overtime, extra time, penalty shootout and the results changed significantly, this will not affect the winning bid in any way.

Some tips

  • Don’t bet on obvious favorites.
    If the odds of one team winning are lower than 1.30, then there is no point in betting on it. Players usually overestimate the favorites, so bookmakers underestimate the odds on their wins;
  • Don’t bet on obvious outsiders.
    Even though outsiders win from time to time and often pass odds of 5.00 or higher, betting on them is impractical. The margin in such betting markets can even exceed 10%.
  • Read the rules of the betting shops where you place bets.
    Some of the offices accept bets based on extra time or overtime, while others only take into account regular time.
  • Winning and losing streaks can drag on.
    Teams can issue a series of 10 or more matches with the same outcome. If you play catch-up on such series, you can lose all your money.